Allied Masonic Degrees

Degrees of the Order

The Order comprises of the following degrees:
AMD Jewel

St. Lawrence the Martyr

This Degree teaches especially the lessons of fortitude and humility

AMD Jewel

Knight of Constantinople

This Degree inculcates the useful lessons of humility and universal equality.

AMD Jewel

Grand Tilers of Solomon

This Degree warns of the great danger of carelessness and of hasy judgment and teaches the importance of careful tiling.

AMD Jewel

Red Cross of Babylon

This Degree emphasises the importance of Fidelity, Integrity and Truth.

AMD Jewel

Grand High Priest

This 'Order' carries us to a high realm of Masonic thought.
The Companion who is admitted to it is left in no doubt that he is set apart for high duties and responsibilities in life
both as a Mason and as a man: he is taught that, to carry them out, he is called upon to dedicate himself to the service
of the Most High God an also to that of his fellow-men.